How to Make More Bank Interest?

Answer When the interest rate on your savings account is below the current inflation rate, the money in that account is actually losing value instead of gaining value. Make some changes to earn more inter... Read More »

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How to Make Money Off of Interest in a Bank Account?

There's an old saying that "it takes money to make money." When it comes to making money from interest, that saying is true. Interest can help a savings account keep up with the rate of inflation i... Read More »

Does All Bank Interest Need to Be Reported to the IRS?

Most of the bank interest you earn during the year is subject to the income tax and must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Certain types of interest payments are not subject to the tax. ... Read More »

How is interest calculated on bank CDs?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a fixed-term investment instrument. You give the bank your money for a fixed length of time, and they pay a certain interest rate. However, they way the bank comput... Read More »

What is the bank interest rate?

The best bank savings interest rates as of June 2, 2010, for amount up to $10,000 averaged about 1.30 percent. It does pay to shop around. Some banks across the United States offer interest rates a... Read More »