How to Make Moon Sand?

Answer When the kids get tired of the Play-Doh and want something a little more "exciting", it's time to pull out the moon sand and wow them. With some good story spinning, you can even have them believin... Read More »

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Can you use water in Moon Sand to make it form?

According to the product's website, water should not be used when shaping or forming Moon Sand. The properties of Moon Sand allow it to stick together without additional water. In fact, water cause... Read More »

What is Moon Sand?

Moon Sand is a new and popular type of art supply for children meant to provide the benefits of both clay and sand without the drawbacks. It can be used in different ways for a variety of activitie... Read More »

Moon Sand Games?

Moon Sand, a product that feels like wet beach sand, can change between its soft and hard states without losing any of its properties. In addition to working with Moon Sand with your hands, you can... Read More »

How to Use Moon Sand on Paper?

Moon sand is a toy product that children use to sculpt forms. Unlike regular sand, moon sand does not fall apart during use due to a non-toxic coating it contains. In order to prevent a potentiall... Read More »