How to Make Mood Changing Nail Polish?

Answer Just like a mood ring, mood-changing nail polish is meant to change color according to your mood -- for instance, blue means happy, red means angry -- but these products are actually reacting to yo... Read More »

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Do they sell mood nail polish?

yea they do,i had no idea until i looked it up [how cool!! :) ]here are some links to some:……http://www.buynail... Read More »

How do you get black nail polish out of a pink fabric chair please dont say nail polish remover!! help!!!!!!?

Vinegar. Don't pour it on the stain though. Apply some to a cotton ball and blot the stain.

My younger sister put nail polish in my mascara and now the nail polish won't come out of my eyelashes! Help!?

My nephew painted his eyelashes with blue nail polish last month (he's 2) but we washed out his eyes and after that we just kinda had to wait a couple of days for the rest of thte nailpolish to com... Read More »

What is the most effective way to remove old nail polish without nail polish remover?

actually as weird as it sounds nail polish its self. If you haven't had the nail polish on for ages like a couple of weeks then just put nail polish over the dry one leave for about 5 seconds and r... Read More »