How to Make Money Growing Grapes & Making Wine?

Answer Growing grapes and making wine are enjoyable hobbies, but making money at these activities is more of a challenge. Starting a commercial vineyard and winery requires a good location, a large invest... Read More »

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How are skins taken off grapes in wine making?

Most people know that grapes are used to make wine, but many wonder how the skins are removed. Interestingly, the grape skins are just as important to wine making as the inner flesh of the grape.Fu... Read More »

How to Grow Grapes for Making Wine?

Instead of purchasing wine, you can make your own at home by growing grapes. Many grape varieties exist for different flavors of wines. Since you can make so many different strains of grapes, you w... Read More »

How are grapes used to make wine?

The fermented juice from grapes has been used to make wine for more than 8,000 years. Archaeologists believe wine making began on what is now the border of Georgia and Iran about 6000 B.C. But, acc... Read More »

What grapes make Tuscany wine?

Tuscany is perhaps best known for wines made from the Sangiovese grape variety, such as Chianti Classico, Sangiovese Grosso and Sangioveto. Other grape varieties used in Tuscan wine include Trebbia... Read More »