How to Make Mold Grow on Bread?

Answer This is how to make mold grow on bread by using a simple method. This is an experiment to display the growing of fungi.

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What Conditions Make Mold Grow on Bread the Fastest?

Mold is a living fungus that, unlike plants, can't process light for nourishment. However, mold does require small amounts of water and food supplied directly from a host. If you have ever seen gre... Read More »

Will mold grow faster on white bread or wheat bread?

Mold inherently grows on both white and whole wheat breads at the same rate. However, whole wheat breads generally hold more moisture, which speeds up the rate of mold growth, and they often contai... Read More »

Why Does Bread Mold Need Air to Grow?

Bread mold--the colorful substance that will almost invariably begin to grow on bread once it's been left out for sufficient time--doesn't strictly require "air" to live. What it requires is oxygen... Read More »

How to Grow Mold Quickly on Bread?

Mold growth can ruin a good loaf of bread but also serves as a fun and worthwhile science experiment. Left for prolonged periods of time, bread will naturally develop mold, a fungus that develops f... Read More »