How to Make Merged Cells in Excel 2003 Grow With Wrapped Text?

Answer Excel 2003 is a popular spreadsheet software program used for maintaining, monitoring and analyzing financial data. Including text notations adds informative details and makes spreadsheets more use... Read More »

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Can Excel 2003 display the count of the cells and also sum of the cells together in status bar ?

From what I am aware of, not in the normal everyday way. From version 2003 or earlier, you may only see one of the aggregate values at a time in the Status Bar area, by right-clicking and choosing... Read More »

How can I merge the horizontal cells (rows in excel doc, all text) into vertically alligned text?

Without a sample of the data you are talking about, it is not too clear exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. So I am going to assume that you have several columns of data where row number on... Read More »

How to Protect Cells in Excel 2003?

If you've spent a considerable amount of time collecting and organizing your data in an Excel spreadsheet, make sure nothing is accidentally deleted or altered. Microsoft makes it possible to prote... Read More »

What is the number of cells in Microsoft Excel 2003?

An Excel worksheet is made up of cells that are divided by columns and rows. In Excel 2003, there are 256 columns and 65,536 rows, which creates a total of 16,777,216 cells in each worksheet.Source... Read More »