How to Make Merged Cells in Excel 2003 Grow With Wrapped Text?

Answer Excel 2003 is a popular spreadsheet software program used for maintaining, monitoring and analyzing financial data. Including text notations adds informative details and makes spreadsheets more use... Read More »

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Can Excel 2003 display the count of the cells and also sum of the cells together in status bar ?

From what I am aware of, not in the normal everyday way. From version 2003 or earlier, you may only see one of the aggregate values at a time in the Status Bar area, by right-clicking and choosing... Read More »

How to Import Excel Worksheets With VBA Cells in Access 2003?

Microsoft Excel and Access are part of the Microsoft Office software bundle. Excel is a spreadsheet software that allows you to input data into tables and manipulate them. Access is a database mana... Read More »

How to Replace Blank Cells With Value in Excel 2003?

Manually replacing blank cells in a large Excel spreadsheet can be time-consuming. However, one function can make the job easy and fast. The search-and-replace feature, available in almost all Micr... Read More »

How can I merge the horizontal cells (rows in excel doc, all text) into vertically alligned text?

Without a sample of the data you are talking about, it is not too clear exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. So I am going to assume that you have several columns of data where row number on... Read More »