How to Make Math Fun for Fourth-Graders?

Answer Math as a fun concept is a foreign idea to many fourth-graders. The subject's emphasis on numbers and formulas makes it seem more like a boring chore than an engaging experience. Although the avera... Read More »

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Math Projects for Fourth Graders to Present to the Class?

Math projects to be presented to the class should ideally present a new and surprising perspective on a set of data or situation which all the students are familiar with. This way the students can ... Read More »

Math Games to Make for 3rd Graders?

Your third graders will not only have fun with these homemade games, but will also improve their math skills. Math reasoning and fractions are just a few of the lessons they will learn as they play... Read More »

How to Teach Rounding to Fourth Graders?

Rounding is a math skill usually taught in fourth grade. Some children have a problem rounding numbers but, with some guidance, they can learn and retain this skill for life. Fourth-grade students ... Read More »

Community Topics for Fourth Graders?

Fourth grade social studies curricula usually focus on state and national history and geography. Fourth graders are often asked to analyze primary sources, discuss current events and read maps. Stu... Read More »