How to Make Marshmallow Creme?

Answer Marshmallow creme, the most important ingredient in a classic fluffernutter sandwich, is a sweet, snow-white, spreadable confection that has been made in American kitchens since the late 1800s. Ori... Read More »

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Can you make Rice Krispy treats with marshmallow creme?

You can make rice crispy treats with marshmallow creme, but they turn out better if you use fresh marshmallows. Melt butter over low heat. Add 1 package of marshmallows or a 7 oz. jar of marshmallo... Read More »

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun?

Marshmallow guns are fun, while remaining accurate but non-lethal. The basic idea is that you blow into a series of PVC tubes to push out a marshmallow. Great for parties and having fun with your f... Read More »

How to Make a Marshmallow Man?

It's that time of year again. Mysterious black cats, spooky jack-o-lanterns, and - you guessed it - an ultra-scary marshmallow man. Before you tell all your friends about your jolly man of fluff, p... Read More »

How to Make Marshmallow Taffy?

There are many types of taffy, but there are few places to get marshmallow taffy. Read on to learn how to make it.