How to Make Magnetic Jewelry?

Answer Magnetic jewelry is very versatile. A short necklace can be wrapped around your wrist a few times to become a bracelet, and a long necklace can be worn in dozens of different ways, much like a scar... Read More »

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Is silver jewelry magnetic?

Quality silver jewelry should not be drawn to a magnet. Iron, cobalt and nickel are the only naturally magnetic elements. However, it might be possible to find some so-called "silver jewelry" that... Read More »

Properties of Magnetic Jewelry?

Magnetic jewelry is a popular homeopathic remedy for back, joint and muscle pain, as well as headaches, arthritis, edema, cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome. Magnetic polarities can cause both calmi... Read More »

What are the benefits of magnetic jewelry?

According to Dr. Stephen Barrett of QuackWatch, intense magnetic fields are sometimes used to aid the body in healing. However, smaller magnets such those in magnetic jewelry probably do not provid... Read More »

Who can wear magnetic jewelry?

Some people believe that wearing magnetic jewelry can help increase blood circulation, relieve headaches, help reduce swelling and improve other medical conditions. Magnetic jewelry should not be w... Read More »