How to Make Magic Crystal Salt Gardens?

Answer Growing a magic crystal salt garden is a good activity to teach children about the principles of evaporation, about natural crystal growth and just to make an interesting kind of garden. Crystal ga... Read More »

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How do I grow salt crystal gardens?

Prepare a ContainerPlace pieces of porous material such as charcoal briquettes, brick, broken clay pots or dampened sponge in the bottom of an aluminum or plastic pie plate or similar container. Fo... Read More »

What will make the bigger crystal, salt or sugar?

When growing crystals, the only real limit to size is the container used. However, the size of a sugar crystal is larger than the size of a salt crystal. Sugar is harder to grow, and it has a more ... Read More »

Is crystal salt an antifungal?

According to the article "A Place Where Salt is Not a Four Letter Word," crystal salt (minimally processed salt) has antifungal and microbial properties. Unprocessed pink crystal salt has the most ... Read More »

What is Himalayan crystal salt?

Himalayan crystal salt is a pure mineral hand-mined from deep mountain deposits and exported for use as a seasoning, nutritional supplement, tonic or bath salt. Large blocks are carved into cooking... Read More »