How to Make Lotions & Soap Using Extracts?

Answer Creating your own soap and lotion is a excellent way to put yourself in control of the products you use on your body. By creating your own personal care products, you are guaranteed the freshest, h... Read More »

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Homemade hand lotions with bay rum, glycerin and tincture of green soap?

Making your own lotions, creams and salves allows you to customize them with your favorite scents. It's helpful to know what various potential ingredients contribute to the lotion, and to know whi... Read More »

How to Make Non Alcoholic Extracts?

Using non-alcohol mediums for creating extracts is common in making medicines for children, animals and those intolerant of alcohol. The two most common non-alcoholic bases for extracts are vinegar... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Extracts With Everclear?

While any 100 proof alcohol will effectively absorb the scent of plants and flowers infused in it, many people who make homemade essential oils find that Everclear works best. Less watery than alte... Read More »

How to Make Liquid Soap From Leftover Bar Soap Slivers?

Your bar soap will always whittle its way down to an unusable size. But simply throwing away those little morsels of soap is seriously wasteful. Instead, you can horde the little slivers as they we... Read More »