How to Make Logos for Gamebattles?

Answer Warriors of old rode into battle displaying their colors as an intimidating show of solidarity among clansmen and as a show of force. Throughout history different armies have worn colors, let flags... Read More »

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How to Make 3D Logos?

Logos are graphics that represent an organization, brand or product. They typically consist of styled text combined with icons that call to mind the product or company they're representing. You can... Read More »

How to Make Logos in The GIMP?

Any business should have its own logo. But if you are just starting out, you may want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional graphic artist to create a logo for you. Consider creating a logo... Read More »

How to Make Skateboarding Logos?

Instead of buying pricey skate store logos, make your own to plaster onto your skateboard, locker, office wall or even the back of your car. A variety of computer programs can help you make skatebo... Read More »

How to Make Music Logos?

Whether you want to promote your band, show off your love of jazz or create a brand for your new record label, a music logo can get your image across visually and grab peoples' eyes. Logos are grap... Read More »