How to Make Life and Death Decisions for a Family Member/Loved One?

Answer It's not a topic any one likes to discuss but sometimes there comes a time when decisions have to be made for a loved one: decisions that address life support, code status and heroic measures.

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How do you find out if sibling and executor cashed in a military life insurance policy upon father's death without notifying other family members?

No one is an executor until they have been appointed by a court. Until the court appointment they have no legal authority to collect any assets owned by the decedent. The executor is required to fi... Read More »

There are two men one says truth other false in a room and there are two doors in that room one is for life and another is for death ask one question and find the life door?

Your vacation pay income tax rate will be the same as the income tax rate on all of your other gross wages income from the same employer.

How to Help Others Make Decisions?

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How to Make Better Decisions?

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