How to Make Letters Big & Little on MySpace?

Answer You can manipulate many things about your MySpace profile including the size of most text. MySpace allows its members to use HTML to customize their profiles. Simple HTML can be used to manipulate ... Read More »

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How to Make Letters Colorful on MySpace 1.0?

MySpace is a popular social network website. You can create your own profile on MySpace and customize it to fit your personality. Add images, colors, icons, and music to let your friends see your t... Read More »

How do you make BOLD letters in your myspace page?

Bold text: text goes here Underlined: text goes hereItalic: text goes here Strike Through: text goes here Font Color: text goes here ...replace 000000 with the hex (color) code of your choice,... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Fancy MySpace Letters?

Every default MySpace page is the same before it is customized. Each features the same white background, light blue boxes and blue and orange headings for each section. They also feature the same f... Read More »

Alright. can anyone see letters in the 2008 google sign in the little dot?

My goodness! Yes, you're absolutely right! The letters appear to me as S Y N S Y N / A C K A C K