How to Make Leather Stiff?

Answer Working with leather to make the material stiffer requires time and effort. You can achieve an adequately stiffened leather piece by soaking it in cold water for several minutes or hours. You can f... Read More »

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How do you soften the leather in stiff leather shoes?

originally, leather used to be dipped in urine to soften it and the smell never quite went away...

How to Soften Stiff Leather Car Seats?

Leather seats are the preferred choice for many drivers, and they are always a popular option with car buyers. Many drivers simply prefer the natural look and feel of leather, and these seats can b... Read More »

How to Make a Tutu Stiff?

A ballerina tutu usually consists of a snug bodice and several layers of tulle fabric gathered tightly in a frilly dance skirt. The stiffness of the tulle layers of a tutu depends upon the tulle. G... Read More »

How to Make Fudge Stiff?

Fudge is made by blending butter, sugar and cocoa together and then bringing them to a melting temperature. For your fudge recipe to be successful, you'll need to add appropriate amounts of each of... Read More »