How to Make Lash Lines Appear Thicker?

Answer If you have sparse or very fine lashes, don't waste your time envying the celebrities who probably got lash implants to achieve that full lash look. Instead, try a low commitment way for a darker l... Read More »

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Help for a beginning false eyelash wearer what are some easy ways to get the lash glue on the lash?

Take your glue and put some on the back of your hand. Squeeze some out only, don't squeeze the whole tube! Then bend your lashes a bit to relax the tense (just like new jeans) then you can dab your... Read More »

How to Make Lash Conditioner?

Eyelashes tend to get dry and brittle from cosmetics and other environmental factors. If your lashes are not conditioned regularly, they will begin to flake and eventually fall out, irritating the ... Read More »

Will my home-made caramel get thicker in the fridge; if not, how to get it thicker?

Did you have it on a rolling boil for long enough? It should start to thicken quite a lot while it's cooking. If your not sure put it back in the saucepan and continue cooking it. I wouldn't put f... Read More »

Ways to Make Parallel Lines & Perpendicular Lines?

According to Euclid, a straight line goes on forever. When there is more than one line in a plane, the situation becomes more interesting. If two lines never intersect, the lines are parallel. If t... Read More »