How to Make LEDs Brighter?

Answer Controlling the brightness of LEDs (light emitting diodes) lets you get more out of your LED design. If you're a fashion designer, you can create more subtle effects in your LED studded clothes whe... Read More »

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Which lights are brighter leds or smds?

SMD's will be more brighter to the human eye.

How Do You Make LEDs Pulse To The Beat Of Music?

Hey, Brian,Ok... I'm breakin' out the geek-speak, so hang tight! :) What you're looking to build (whether it be on a mask, a shirt, or whatever,) is called a "meter." Technically, it's kind of a "V... Read More »

How to Make LEDs That Turn on when You Open Your Locker?

Want to be the coolest on your locker row? Want to pimp out your locker? For about two bucks you can be popular because everyone will ask you what to put in their locker.

How to Make an HP Monitor Brighter?

The brightness of your monitor contributes to eye strain when working extended periods of time. Just as an excessively bright monitor can tire your eyes, so can a dim display. Ideally, your monitor... Read More »