How to Make Knots on Waxed Thread?

Answer Waxed thread, sometimes known as waxed cord, is primarily used for jewelry making and other craft projects. The thread is made out of cotton and coated with wax to give it more heft and stability. ... Read More »

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What is waxed linen thread?

Waxed linen thread is a linen thread coated with bee's wax. It ranges in thickness from two to 12 ply. Four-ply is about one half milimeter thick. It is often made with Irish linen.FeaturesLinen... Read More »

What's the difference between waxed and non-waxed dental floss?

Wax is applied to string-floss to keep it from shredding as easily as you floss between tight spots. If it unravels on you or leaves too much wax, you could try "glide" type floss or "ribbon floss"... Read More »

How to Make Waxed Dipped Bears?

Small teddy bears dipped in scented candle wax are popular craft items. Make wax-dipped bears for yourself or as gifts for adults. They may also sell well at craft and hobby shows.

How do I thread a Singer electronic control easy thread machine?

Power your sewing machine down. Put the thread on the thread spindle on top of the machine. Move the spool pin holder over the rim of the spool so the thread doesn't tangle. Rotate the handwheel on... Read More »