How to Make Kids Hair Grow Long in One Month?

Answer Everyone's hair grows at a different rate, and averages around half an inch to one inch per month. Unfortunately there's no magic formula for making your children's hair grow much faster than its n... Read More »

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How to Grow Long Hair in a Month?

You've got an important social function in a month, a wedding, a prom or you want to grow out a bad hair cut, and you're desperate to grow long hair in a month. While it's impossible for your hair ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow an Inch a Month?

These products can make your hair grow twice as fast. Does this Spark an idea?

Tips to Make Hair Grow Long?

Making your hair grow longer requires a change from your regular routine. The old way of maintaining your hair might have produced damaged ends, a short length or a lack of natural shine. Treat you... Read More »

Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long?

It usually takes about two years for hair to grow from a short, over-the-ear bob to shoulder length. This is because hair only grows 1cm per month. However, the process can be made faster by keepin... Read More »