How to Make Jewelry Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles?

Answer We all try to do what we can for our environment. Recycling glass, paper and plastic by putting them in recycle bins is good, but recycling things at home into all new items is even better. Many ho... Read More »

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Can you make carpet from recycled plastic bottles?

Recycled plastic bottles can be used to make polyester carpet as well as insulating stuffing for cold weather gear, nursery planters and pesticide containers. The ground material can even be made i... Read More »

How to Make a Sand Timer from Recycled Plastic Bottles?

Lots of things take 2 minutes, like hearing one side of an argument, meditation, holding your breath, making a phone call, giving your toddler a 'time out'. This timer is fun to make and fun to wat... Read More »

Can plastic bottles be recycled?

Not every type of plastic is recyclable. Plastics accepted as recyclable are labeled on the bottom with the number "1" and the letters "PETE," or the number "2" with the letters "HDPE."References:P... Read More »

What happens to recycled plastic bottles?

Bottles that are recycled go through a process that can turn them into just about anything. The process can make the hard plastic not just back into bottles but even soft materials. Bottles recycle... Read More »