How to Make Inexpensive Cleaning Products?

Answer You can keep your home, furnishings and personal items clean and sparkling for a lot less money than you might imagine. Your kitchen cupboards might already be stocked with the necessary ingredient... Read More »

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How do I make green cleaning products?

Some ingredients in commercial household cleaners have toxins that can be hazardous to your health and to the environment. Recently, a number of commercial non-toxic cleaning products have become a... Read More »

How do i make homemade green cleaning products?

Green cleaning products are made from ingredients that are easier on the environment than some common manufactured materials. Solvents and other household cleaners have toxins in them that can be d... Read More »

Can you make natural cleaning products out of essential oils?

That's how i sanitise all my kitchen surfaces, tabletops, benches, cupboard shelves, door handles, bathroom and toilet ............. chemical free, very cheap and no nasty ingredients either to up... Read More »

What are some inexpensive makeup products that work well?

I've tried some that work & some I was disappointed with, I just wish they'd let you try before you buy, you know??Mascera: Maybelline (the pink & green one. It doesn't clump & looks clean, then ag... Read More »