How to Make Icons on Laptop Keyboards?

Answer If you would like to insert symbol icons -- such as hearts, stars and arrows -- into your Microsoft Word document, you can do so using hotkey shortcuts. Hotkeys are shortcut combination keys involv... Read More »

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Does having too many icons on my laptop make it slower?

It used to be true in the past that the number of icons on your desktop would slow down your computer's start up speed.However, computers have come a long way and these icons really shouldn't affec... Read More »

How to Remove Alienware Laptop Keyboards?

Sometimes, due to some broken keys or an electronics problem, it becomes necessary to remove your Alienware laptop's keyboard. This process only requires a flat-head screwdriver and takes about 15 ... Read More »

Where is the function key on laptop keyboards?

The function key, which is labeled "Fn," is located on the bottom left of a laptop keyboard typically between the "Ctrl" and "Alt" key. This button is responsible for triggering second functions wi... Read More »

Can you take off keys on laptop keyboards?

No you can't. I'm missing one key on my laptop. I tried putting it back on but it didn't work.