How to Make Ice Cubes with an Ice Tray?

Answer Despite being old fashioned, ice cube trays are a low-cost alternative to expensive ice cube makers and bagged ice. This article describes the no-fuss way to make ice cubes yourself.

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How to Remove Ice Cubes From a Tray?

The dollar store ice cube tray can become a formidable foe from which one must wrest its contents. This is one solution.

How do you prevent ice cubes from sticking in a tray?

Leaving the tray of ice cubes out for a while before popping them out.#1. This sounds good; however, in real-life the ice cubes oilExcellent suggestion; except, the ice cubes then inco... Read More »

How to Make Strawberry Ice Cubes?

Having company for cocktails? How about adding a special twist (and yummy conversation piece) to your guests’ drinks? These strawberry ice cubes are a delightful way to dress up a drink. They’r... Read More »

How to Make Blossom Ice Cubes?

Dress up your drinks with beautiful ice cubes featuring blossoms from the garden. Red rose petals will enhance any drink, and can also be sprinkled on the table for a romantic effect. Perfect for s... Read More »