How to Make Homemade Natural Treatments for Teen Acne?

Answer Teenagers frequently experience acne as a result of changing hormone levels. While over-the-counter products and prescription medications can improve acne, there are also some natural products that... Read More »

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Teen Acne Treatments for Oily Skin?

Treating oily skin can help teens overcome embarrassing acne breakouts. Oily skin is the result of pores producing too much sebum, a natural substance that helps the body stay moisturized. When too... Read More »

Natural Treatments for Acne?

Acne is the inflammation of skin caused by clogged hair follicles. When the sebaceous glands begin to produce excessive amounts of sebum, which is the substance a hair follicle excretes to moisturi... Read More »

Homemade Treatments for Acne Scars?

Acne scars are marks left on the face by unhealed or inflamed lesions. There are two types of scars left by acne breakouts. One is a colored spot once occupied by a lesion. The other is called an i... Read More »

Homemade Skin Treatments for Acne?

Acne can take attention away from beautiful bone structure, a sweeping hair style or a fashionable outfit, with its red, disfiguring lumps. The anti-acne and blemish-fighting industry is big busine... Read More »