How to Make Homemade Hair Dye Using Peroxide?

Answer Hydrogen peroxide has many uses such as disinfecting minor wounds. It can also be used to dye hair. Using a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution, you can easily lighten blond hair, add highligh... Read More »

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How to Make Your Hair Lighter Using Peroxide?

While some sit out in the sun or take a dip in a chlorinated pool to lighten their hair a few shades, you can achieve the same effect using household hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is a common ingredi... Read More »

Homemade Non-Toxic Peroxide Disinfectant for Bathrooms?

You disinfect your bathroom to keep your family safe from germs. If you also want to keep them safe from the effects of harsh chemicals found in commercial disinfectant products, you can create you... Read More »

Homemade Shower Cleaner Made With Peroxide?

You take showers to clean away the day's built-up dirt and sweat, but you can't get really clean inside a dirty shower. To keep your shower clean and free of germs, use a homemade cleaning routine ... Read More »

How to Make your own Homemade Hair Butter for Healthier Black Hair?

Black women with natural or relaxed hair may notice that a lack of shine and elasticity usually stems from a lack of moisture and nutrients. Coconut, jojoba and olive oils can add shine, and shea b... Read More »