How to Make Home Heating Oil From Waste Motor Oil?

Answer Waste oil comes from any motorized internal combustion engine. Issues with waste oil center on disposal. Most locations that offer oil changes on vehicles accept used motor oil for free or you can ... Read More »

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How to Make Biodiesel for Heating a Home Furnance?

Many homeowners are interested in ways to use alternative fuels to heat their homes. Biodiesel, made entirely from organic products, is a great choice. It can be used in any diesel furnace and can ... Read More »

How do you figure the BTU's for a gas boiler used for heating only from the amount of fins currently in the home?

You DON'T What you do is measure sq footage of the area to be heated and carry on from there

How to Filter Waste Motor Oil?

Car owners know how much motor oil they go through each year with oil changes about every three months. Going through so much motor oil seems wasteful in a time when everyone is trying to conserve ... Read More »

How to Make Toy Containers From Waste?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an alert in October 2009 stating that falling toy chest lids caused head and neck injuries resulting in 45 deaths to small children. Learn safe ways to... Read More »