How to Make Holes in a New Door to Install a Doorknob?

Answer Most replacement doors have factory-drilled holes for the doorknob, but sometimes they don't. You may be tempted to have a carpenter or handyman drill the holes and install the doorknob, but this i... Read More »

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Can you open a locked interior door without keyholes, screws, or holes of any kind on the doorknob?

You'll have to damage the door knobs I'm afraid. Drill out the knob with an half inch drill, go right through the middle of the knob. When you get through the first knob stick a screw driver in and... Read More »

How to Replace a Front Doorknob on a Metal Door?

Whether you're replacing a front doorknob because it's worn, broken or simply because you want to change the lock, you'll only need a screwdriver to do the job. Doorknob holes are standard sizes, s... Read More »

How to Fix Rust Holes on a Car Door?

Rust holes are both repairable and preventable. Regular washing and attention to scrapes can help prevent rust. Immediately addressing the smallest rust spot will keep it from eating away at the me... Read More »

How do I drill hardware holes in the entry door?

Mark the Hole LocationsMark locations for the center of the face bore (the large hole in the surface of the door) and the edge bore. New lock manufacturers package either a measuring guide or a tap... Read More »