How to Make Hoe Cake Bread?

Answer Hoe cake is a term used to describe a type of quick bread that was originally cooked in the fireplace on the flat part of an agricultural hoe. It is typically a thin bread created with a minimum of... Read More »

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How to Make a Walnut Chocolate Bread Cake?

Walnut chocolate bread cake is a delicious nutty cake perfect with a cup of afternoon tea! An excellent sweet alternative for barbecues, dinner parties, or evening meal. Enjoy your walnut chocolate... Read More »

How to Make Fruit Cake from Bread Dough?

This is an interesting variation on using bread dough to make a cake rather than bread. You will need to pre-make batter for a sponge cake before attempting this cake recipe; follow the link provid... Read More »

Can you cook cake in a bread pan?

Cakes can be baked in bread pans, but more cooking time may be needed to ensure the batter cooks thoroughly. Although conversion may be required for traditional sheet cakes, many coffee cakes and p... Read More »

Can I bake a cake in my bread machine?

On One Hand: The Case for the OvenIt seems silly to think about baking a cake in a bread machine--after all, by its very name, the machine is made for bread. It has settings to knead and bake; it w... Read More »