How to Make Hitman Blood Money Work on Windows Vista?

Answer "Hitman Blood Money" officially supports only Windows XP and Windows 2000. If you want to play "Hitman Blood Money" on Windows Vista, you must run it in a Windows XP environment using the compatibi... Read More »

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How to Install Custom Skins on Hitman: Blood Money?

"Hitman: Blood Money" protagonist Agent 47 is drawn as a sort of sinister spin on Mr. Clean, with his shiny bald head, furrowed brow and jowls that suggest a permanent frown. But those playing the ... Read More »

How to Make XP Programs Work With Windows Vista?

After upgrading your computer's operating system from Windows XP to Vista, some programs that worked on XP may not work on Vista. This occurs because some programs that run on XP are not designed t... Read More »

My windows xp printer does not work with my windows vista computer. help me .?

I had the same problem, all you have to do is go to the manufactures website and there should be a link for you to download the printer drivers you need to run your printer on your vista computer.

Can a printer driver for windows XP still work for windows Vista?