How to Make Henna Designs?

Answer Henna has been used to decorate the body for many centuries in the Middle East, Africa and India. The practice, called Mehndi, is used customarily to decorate the skin during special events, such a... Read More »

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How to Pick Hand Henna Designs?

Henna tattoo is a fun, non-permanent way to decorate your face and body. Traditionally, henna is applied to the hands or feet in an intricate pattern. Figuring out which hand henna design is right ... Read More »

How to Know Different Styles of Henna Designs for Tattoos and Body Art?

When you are aware of different styles of henna designs for tattoos and body art, you are able to help your customers choose a design that complements them best. Areas of origin as well as the henn... Read More »

How to Make Henna Paint From Henna Powder?

Henna body art has been used for hundreds of years in Eastern countries, traditionally to decorate the hands and feet for wedding ceremonies and other special occasion. Leaves of the henna plant ar... Read More »

How to Make Henna?

Henna art is used for religious ceremonies, such as weddings, and to create temporary tattoos. Henna designs are very flowing and don't require a pattern or stencil unless the artist wishes to use ... Read More »