How to Make Headlights Bright Again?

Answer Plastic is a great product, but when it's exposed to sun, rain and salt, it can fade or turn yellow. Having a milky-looking headlight isn't safe, and cuts down on brightness. So how do you make hea... Read More »

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How do you cover bright pink bright orange bright blue and bright green paint with chocolate brown paint?

Drivers ...Are oncoming headlights at night now too bright?

Quick optics lesson:Because of the way the rods and cones work, red based light (like what is going in many auto gauge faces now) does not cause your eyes to refocus for daylight.Blue light (like t... Read More »

What are the Best Replacement Bright Headlights?

So you've just had a headlight blow out, and you want to replace it with something a little bit brighter to help your vision at night while driving. There are a few options out there ranging from ... Read More »

My computer isn't bright when I turn it on, unless I plug it in. How do i make it bright?

My acer does the same thing, you need to change the power setting its on. My laptop has three power settings, powersaver, balanced and high performance. The Balanced and High performance have the b... Read More »