How to Make Hard Paint Soft Again?

Answer Sitting down to begin a craft project, only to discover that your paint has dried into a hard lump, is frustrating. Before you throw that bottle or tube away, and make a trip to the store, try soft... Read More »

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How to Make Soft Water Hard With Cichlids?

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Why does a piece of bread make hard cookies soft?

There's nothing like a soft, chewy cookie to brighten anyone's day, but when a soft-style cookie turns hard it can be quite a disappointment to the taste buds. A slice of bread provides a source of... Read More »

Do i use hard or soft wheat berries to make wheat grass?

Hard and soft wheat berries both germinate into wheatgrass. Ann Wigmore, who popularized wheatgrass as a health tonic, recommends using hard red winter wheat berries to sprout wheatgrass. Hard spri... Read More »

How to Remove a Hard Top for a Soft Top?

The Jeep Wrangler can be equipped with either a hard or soft convertible top. The hardtop is best for protection from the elements and quiets road noise. The soft top is a Jeep Wrangler staple and ... Read More »