How to Make Hand Lotion?

Answer Whether it's winter or summer, dry skin is a problem that can be both painful and difficult to get rid of. No part of the body is safe, and there is a myriad of lotions and creams out there, each t... Read More »

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How to Make Hand Lotion at Home?

For those with very sensitive skin, even the the lightest commercial hand lotions can cause itching or hives from the many chemicals, dyes and artificial scents they are made of. The best way to a... Read More »

How to Make Rosewater Hand Lotion?

Any cosmetic scented with rosewater is bound to please. This one is easy to make and enjoyable to use.

How to Make Glycerin Hand Lotion?

Homemade hand lotions are excellent, inexpensive additions to any beauty regiment. You can easily make lotions at home using vegetable glycerin, available at most drug or health food stores. Depend... Read More »

How to Make Peach Hand Lotion?

Peach hand lotion is a very simple skin care product to make, and the reasons for making homemade skin care products and cosmetics are two-fold. Commercial skin care products are often costly, as l... Read More »