How to Make Hairpieces From Wigs?

Answer Hairpieces are small wefts of synthetic or human hair that are used to add volume or length to natural hair. Hairpieces can be attached to the hair with clips, glue or bonds. Store-bought hairpiece... Read More »

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History of Wigs & Hairpieces?

Wigs and hairpieces are used everyday to alter appearances according to personal preference, to express individuality, to quickly style hair, create a character, to denote a particular rank or prof... Read More »

Hand Made Wigs & Hairpieces?

Ancient civilizations began making wigs and hairpieces by hand thousands of years ago. Although modern industrialization created machine-made wigs, handmade wigs are still prized for their quality ... Read More »

Wigs & Hairpieces for Thinning Hair?

Men and women experiencing thinning hair look for ways to augment the appearance of the hair. Wigs and hairpieces for thinning hair is a large industry, especially with the aging population of baby... Read More »

How to Make Hairpieces From the 40s?

Women in the 1940s spent a lot of time perfecting complicated hairstyles, which frequently incorporated intricately designed hair pins and headbands. Beads, rhinestones and feathers adorned hair ac... Read More »