How to Make Hair Look Healthy & Soft?

Answer Like most other areas of the body, healthy hair takes a certain amount of effort and maintenance. Lifestyle factors can damage hair, including cosmetic products, diet, lack of sleep and other issue... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself a Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment With Coconut Oil for Soft, Shiny, Healthy, Manageable, Hair?

Coconut oil is rich in fats that are attracted to hair proteins, the oils can actually penetrate the hair shaft to the cortex, reducing protein loss! Studies have shown that coconut oil can penet... Read More »

How to Get Hair That Is Healthy and Soft?

Soft and healthy hair is something every woman wants. But everyday habits and activities can damage your hair, making it dry, brittle and frizzy. You don't have to go out of your way with expensive... Read More »

How to make my lips look very healthy and soft ?

Ok I have a really full lips. This is what I do, every night I put Vaseline on my lips, every morning when I brush my teeth(you can do this @ night too I just like to do it in the morning) I use my... Read More »

How to Make Super Healthy Soft Serve Banana Strawberry "Ice Cream"?

This has the taste and consistency of soft serve ice cream but it's super healthy! If you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake this will help with the cravings without giving in.