How to Make HTML Symbols?

Answer When creating an HTML web page by hand, you will notice that there are several characters such as brackets and ampersands that are devoted to denoting the markup language rather than the body copy.... Read More »

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How to Make Symbols on a Mac?

Sometimes, when typing, you have a need to use extra symbols that are not found on the standard keyboard. Maybe you're typing in a foreign language, or you are trying to write a mathematical senten... Read More »

How to Make Symbols with NumLock?

Computer keyboards allow us to communicate with each other by typing words that make up phrases and sentences. However, we can also use standard keyboards to type symbols that are not found directl... Read More »

How do u make those cute symbols like ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪'s?

♥¥†☼♣☻۩♠Let me see if I can explain this. Type ♥ (but type hearts in lowercase)¥ (again, lowercase)† (yes, lowercase)Or....go into START, All programs, Accessories, ... Read More »

How to Make Other Symbols on a PC Keyboard?

While a computer can recognize literally thousands of different symbols, modern and ancient, there can only be so many keys on a keyboard. You can access two main lists of characters in just about ... Read More »