How to Make Good Pictures on Fireworks?

Answer Adobe Fireworks is a graphics program used for creating and editing images. Originally developed by Macromedia and acquired by Adobe in 2005, the program is currently being developed and deployed b... Read More »

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How to Feather Pictures in Macromedia Fireworks?

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, a great looking picture is worth even more! Feathering a picture can greatly enhance the appearance of almost any picture.

In your opinion do you think any of these pictures would make a good tattoo?

3 is incredibly beautiful, and if you found a really good artist, it would be unique and dynamic.Artistically, I think it is definitely the best, it would always be powerful, and meaningful, the de... Read More »

How to Make a Good Picture With Crayons (for Kids With Pictures)?

These are sharp and new crayons that are good to use.This is how you can make a great picture with crayons. You can do this with about any drawing material. This was originally created of CRAYONS.

Your 15 and you are reasonably good at photography you want to take it up as a career but to make a bit of money now you want to sell some pictures how much should you charge?

You sound like a very enterprising young person. It will depend on the market, won't it? Say that you insist on charging $50 for a photograph because someone here told you to, but no one will pay i... Read More »