How to Make Gold Scratch-Off Paint?

Answer If you plan to make a homemade lottery ticket for a friend or family member, the most important part is gold scratch-off paint. Homemade lottery tickets are a distinctive way to say "I love you." M... Read More »

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How to Help Make Paint Scratch-Resistant?

Automotive paint undergoes many harsh conditions when you're driving your vehicle on the road. You can encounter rocks, bugs, bird droppings and other damaging substances that chip your paint and c... Read More »

How to Make Gold Auto Paint Appear Darker?

Painting your car can be a quick and easy way to raise the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, commercial auto painting can get expensive quickly, especially if you have dents or want a different ... Read More »

Is it possible to refine gold out of gold flake paint?

It is possible to refine gold out of gold flake paint if the paint is made from gold; some is just colored gold. Genuine gold paint can be 24kt, 18kt or 14kt. You can melt down and refine gold remo... Read More »

How to Paint Over a Scratch on a Car?

Does your car have a scratch and the cost of repair just below your deductible? Don't pay the body shop! You can do it yourself.