How to Make Gold Auto Paint Appear Darker?

Answer Painting your car can be a quick and easy way to raise the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, commercial auto painting can get expensive quickly, especially if you have dents or want a different ... Read More »

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How to Make a Ford Auto Dimming Mirror Darker?

Some Ford vehicles are supplied with an interior rear-view mirror that dims automatically. The mirror includes electronic circuitry that changes the reflective state from a normal, highly reflectiv... Read More »

How to Make Gold Scratch-Off Paint?

If you plan to make a homemade lottery ticket for a friend or family member, the most important part is gold scratch-off paint. Homemade lottery tickets are a distinctive way to say "I love you." M... Read More »

Is it possible to refine gold out of gold flake paint?

It is possible to refine gold out of gold flake paint if the paint is made from gold; some is just colored gold. Genuine gold paint can be 24kt, 18kt or 14kt. You can melt down and refine gold remo... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Auto Paint Booth?

The only way to achieve a truly professional auto-body paint finish is to use a spray application system. Sprayed paint is highly susceptible to dust, and can easily contaminate the surrounding are... Read More »