How to Make Girls' & Boys' Homecoming Corsages?

Answer Corsages, small bouquets of flowers worn as accessories, are an elegant way for boys and girls to complete their homecoming outfits. Boys' corsages, also known as boutonnieres, are generally worn ... Read More »

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Boys & Girls: Which dress for first homecoming?

ohhmygosh the first one is adorible [[:I would say that one for a dress, but we don't really dress up too much for homecoming, so I'd say the second one. But get the first one for prom or a big dan... Read More »

How to Make Best Friends With Both Boys and Girls?

Somtimes making friends can be a hard and painful thing to do if you do not know how to. If you are in a situation where you have mainly friends of the opposite gender and want more friends of your... Read More »

Boys, what do you think about make-up (girls an answer too if you want) ?

You look beautiful either way.I don't mind make up on girls, as long as it is not a constant thing.. sort of like for a special occasion, like I would wear a cologne if I was going out to dinner or... Read More »

FOR BOYS Do You Prefer Girls With Make-Up ?

I'm not a boy but from what I've seen , all the guys go for the girls that wear lots of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation and look like hookers /: Edit : Fine give me thumbs down . I really don't... Read More »