How to Make Giratina Change Forms in Pokemon Diamond?

Answer In "Pokemon Platinum" you can catch the ghost dragon type Pokemon Giritina. Giritina is first encountered in "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl" in its altered form. In the "Distortion World" of ... Read More »

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How to Catch Giratina in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond?

To all Pokemon lovers who have been thinking there's got to be more legendary Pokemon then just Palkia and Dialga. There is.The strongest wild pokemon in the game.... Girantina!!! Read this article... Read More »

How to Make a Great Pokemon Team on Pokemon Diamond?

Is someone bothering you with their Pokemon? Is that gym leader/Pokemon league driving you nuts? Well, here's a guide on how to finish that!

How to Make All Wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond Version Lv. 99?

This will teach you how to make all wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl level 99. you will need an action replay. to activate the code, you must press L,R,and select at the same time,

How to Make the Best Pokemon Team on Pokemon Diamond?

This is an article on how to make the best Pokemon team in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.