How to Make Gardenia Oil?

Answer Gardenias are a beautiful addition to any flower garden, but many people don’t know that the flowers can also provide natural healing remedies. By using the petals, a fragrant oil can be created ... Read More »

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How do You Make Gardenia Potpourri?

Gardenias are extremely fragrant flowers appearing white or pale yellow in color. If you are pleased by the smell of gardenias, you don't have to suffer through the winter without smelling them. Yo... Read More »

How to Make Gardenia Perfume?

The soft, sweet scent of gardenia can be made into a simple perfume at home. The gardenia scent is thought to attract love to the wearer, as well as help you see clearly in the face of challenges. ... Read More »

Uses of Gardenia Oil?

Gardenia oil has a sweet, floral scent. The essential oil is extracted from the plant by a technique called enfleurage, an older form of extraction used on certain flowers that are too delicate for... Read More »

What does gardenia mean?

"Gardenia" is the name of a flower. It is small, white, and has a waxy texture. The flower smells very sweet. It grows on a bush with dark green, shiny leaves.