How to Make Frosted Glass?

Answer Ordinary glass can be revamped into frosted glass by applying a permanent spray that creates an opaque finish. Though frosting glass is often intended to create decorative effects throughout the ho... Read More »

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How to Paint Glass to Make it Look Frosted?

Frosted glass is nice because it adds a level of privacy to a space while still allowing light to enter. Hiring someone to sandblast frosted glass, however, can be expensive. To save time and money... Read More »

Why is frosted glass used in windows?

Frosted glass is used to allow light into the room but obscure the content of the room to anybody looking in from the outside. Blinds can also be used to prevent people looking into a room from the... Read More »

Homemade Frosted Glass?

Few things are as inviting on a hot day as an ice cold drink served in a frosted mug or glass. Although the frost on the glass will soon melt, it's easy to create permanently frosted glass at home ... Read More »

How to Give a Glass Container a Frosted Look?

Etched glass can often be expensive, especially custom-created pieces. Many of these special pieces are created using acid etching or sandblasting techniques that require special equipment and lots... Read More »