How to Make Four-String Lanyards?

Answer A lanyard is a classic camping craft, so much so that it seems almost a rite of childhood passage to make one at a day or long-term camp. If you want to make four-string lanyards to use as keychain... Read More »

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How to Make Lanyards?

Whether for yourself or as a gift, lanyards are a great way to secure your keys, cell phone, badge, or whistle. Purchase some craft lace, gimp, boondoggle or lanyard cord at a craft store and get s... Read More »

How to Make 3D Lanyards?

Lanyard weaving is a great hobby to occupy your hands and build your coordination. There are many types of lanyard designs that you can achieve, and you may even come up with some on your own. The ... Read More »

How to Make Cord Lanyards?

Adding a cord lanyard to a set of keys helps to keep you from losing the keys. Additionally using colored cords allows you to customize the look of your lanyard by choosing what colors the sides of... Read More »

How to Make Cool Lanyards for a Name Tag?

People wear name tags in schools, businesses and government offices. Wearing a name tag clipped on clothing can destroy fine fabrics, and catch on items a person picks up. Placing a name tag on a l... Read More »