How to Make & Fold a Pizza Box?

Answer A pizza box is a small, flat box that can hold a pizza. Usually the box has a lid that protects the top of the pizza. The box should be made of a sturdy chipboard that is flexible. Chipboard a sing... Read More »

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How to Fold a Slice of Pizza?

Pizza folding is usually a technique applied to large thin crust pizzas or New York style pizzas. Whether you're accustomed to eating large slices of pizza or not, folding pizza can really help enh... Read More »

Why do people fold the New York Style pizza in half when they eat it?

New York Pizza slices are extremely big. Too big to bite without folding it or cutting it up. Its not like regular pizza hut where the slices can fit in your mouth. That is basically why :). Hope I... Read More »

What are the differences between Italian pizza, Korean pizza, Taiwanese pizza and American pizza?

Pizza comes to the rest of the world from Naples, Italy.Italian pizza (Neoplitan Pizza) - The group, Associazione vera pizza napoletana, created a standard pizza so the true traditional Neoplitan ... Read More »

What is a good pizza topping i usuall make a pizza with cheese pepperoni peppers and onion but it gets boring?

My fave is bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes!!