How to Make Fluorescent Jello Shots?

Answer These unique shots are sure to impress your guests, and get a party started! And yes, they are 100% food safe, using only ingredients you should be able to find in the supermarket. The blue fluores... Read More »

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How to Make Jello Shots?

One of the more creative ways to serve alcohol at a party is to blend it with gelatin and serve the gelatin in small cups to make what most people will recognize as Jello shots. The process is like... Read More »

How to Make Watermelon Jello Shots?

Watermelon gelatin that is set and served inside lime peels gives these shots the festive appearance of miniature watermelons.

How to Make Easter Egg Jello Shots?

While Jello shots for a religious holiday may seem unusual, think of these shots as a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring. This article gives you two Easter Egg Jello shot options. You c... Read More »

How to Make Hanukkah Jello Shots?

While Hanukkah does not have its own signature cocktail, these Jello shots are based on Gwen Kennealy’s Menorah Martini. Curacao gives the shot a blue tint, while edible gold flakes remind us of ... Read More »