How to Make Finger Curls Like in the 1920s?

Answer The 1920s eluded glamour and elegance in both fashion and hairstyles. The famous '20s hairstyle, the finger curls, or often called finger waves, were not exception to the glamorous look. The hairst... Read More »

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How to Make Finger Waves From the 1920s.?

In the 1920s, women styled their hair without the aid of heated appliances like hot rollers and curling irons. Women were beginning to wear their hair short, and the bob was a popular hairstyle. On... Read More »

How to Do 1920s Finger Waves?

Finger waves are a hairstyle originally made popular in the 1920s by flappers and other stylish women. The hairstyle is still worn today and can be seen on starlets walking the red carpet, brides w... Read More »

How to Do Finger Waving Hairstyles from the 1920s?

Older, feminine hairstyles such as finger waves evoke the glamor and refinement of old Hollywood. Many of today's starlets have embraced this vintage style at one time or another because the glossy... Read More »

How do you create a 1920s finger wave hairstyle for long hair?

It's actually quite hard to do a finger wave on long hair, because the weight of the hair pulls out the wave before it dries. The best way is to follow the instructions for short hair, and wave the... Read More »