How to Make Facebook Come Up When I Open the Internet?

Answer If you have a Facebook account, you may be one of the millions of users who checks into the site on a daily basis. Whether you use Facebook daily or monthly, setting Facebook as your Internet start... Read More »

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How do people make money on the internet, facebook, youtube or where-ever?

1) Write a book called "HOW TO GET RICH QUICK" and then sell it to suckers on the internet.2) Scams.3) Spend all day clicking on obnoxious links, filling out fake surveys, and signing up for 300... Read More »

When Facebook send confirmation to open my Facebook?

I daily use internet banking, facebook, gmail etc, can you please suggest me which internet security is best?

Well my friend, there is no internet security that can protect you, they can only be an advisor at maximum. The chances of any protection program catching a particular threat is about 1 percent. Yo... Read More »

On facebook when it saids your online does it mean your on facebook or just the internet in general?