How to Make Eyeshadow?

Answer Making eye shadow at home can be turned into a hobby. Not only can you give your eye-shadow creations away as gifts, but you also can make custom eye-shadow colors for yourself. It's not difficult ... Read More »

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What's the difference between eyeshadow "base" and eyeshadow "primer?

So, your primer is used to prevent any sort of creasing of your eyeshadow, any creasing of your eyeshadow makes it look crusty, which you don't want. Primer also helps your eyeshadow blend out easi... Read More »

How to make eyeshadow last!!?

Hi Sarah, The best way to make any powder eye shadow last is by using an eye primer. Use an eye primer on clean, dry skin (don't apply foundation to that area) and it will lock in the eye shadow co... Read More »

How do you make your own eyeshadow?

Didn't you learn it in your cosmetic/aesthetic/beauty school?Please ensure that what you are selling is FDA approved, and check out COASTALSCENTS for a tutorial.

How to make your own eyeshadow?

What's Eyeshadow Made Of?Eyeshadow products are basically bases made of powder and mica pigment combined with a simple binder.The binder makes the powders stick together. That’s how you get a pre... Read More »