How to Make Eyelashes Longer & Thicker Naturally?

Answer Browse through any beauty magazine and find one photo of a woman with thin lashes. Thick eyelashes are considered a beautiful trademark and can draw attention to the eyes, a favorite trait for a nu... Read More »

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How to Grow Longer Thicker Eyelashes Naturally?

For centuries, batting beautiful long eyelashes was the "come-hither" for awaiting males. Unfortunately, not everyone has longer thicker eyelashes naturally and some women would like a little help ... Read More »

How can i naturally grow longer/thicker eyelashes?

sorry im not sure if this is what you wanted, but i used something called talika lipocils. i got it at sephora and it said the ingredients were all natural. my lashes grew noticeably longer after a... Read More »

How to Make Eyelashes Appear Longer and Thicker?

Some women are blessed with extra long and extra thick eyelashes but many women are not. Long, thick eyelashes are coveted in today's society and they are thought to be feminine and beautiful. Fort... Read More »

Have you ever used Vaseline(patroleam jelly) on your eyelashes to make them grow longer and thicker?

Once, I over-plucked my eyebrows and I thought I would leave it to grow out for at least four weeks. In the meanwhile I applied a thin coat of petroleum jelly over it before I went to bed and it di... Read More »